Photo gallery

Office - Location,ACK Garden house
Gibe III Dam Construction Site
Environment - Gibe III Dam Tunnel
Environment - Continuous Concrete Coring
Environment - UST Integrity Testing
Water - Drilling of Borehole
Water - Loss of Water Due to Spaghetti Connections
Aviation - New Kisumu International Airport
Aviation - New Kisumu International Airport Bag Reclaim Hall
Aviation - Jomo Kenyatta Internation Airport Model
Census Survey during RAP Study
Concrete Sampling
ESIA and RAP Fieldwork
Field ESIA and RAP Studies
Field Team Shamatta-Suswa 1
Field Team Shamatta-Suswa 2
Field Team Shamatta-Suswa 3
Field Team Shamatta-Suswa 4
Field Team Shamatta-Suswa 6
Field Team Shamatta-Suswa 7
Foundations Work On-going
Geothermal Well
Hydrocarbon Gas PID
Public Consultation Meeting 1
RAP PAP Consultation Meeting
Rough Terrain
Soil Investigation - Collection of Undisturbed Sample
Supervision of Building Works
Supervision of Building Works 1
UST Integrity Test
Water Field Mesurents
Water Well
Office - Location,ACK Garden house

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