Database Development / GIS & Remote Sensing

A Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a computer assisted set of tools designed for spatial data collection, storage, manipulation, analysis and retrieval. The system is capable of integrating data from various sources to provide information that is necessary and accurate for effective decision-making for supporting sound resource management It is the most recent automated technology advancement for transforming and displaying data from the real world for a particular set of purposes.

The system is most appropriate where the geographical location is critical to data collection and analysis. This makes the GIS an invaluable tool for proper resource management and development planning.

PANAFCON LTD is providing consultancy services in the establishment and management of GIS facilities. These services include assessment of user requirements and scope of application, selection of necessary hardware and software, organisational aspects of GIS and staff training.

The approach to GIS establishment and management includes:

Detailed inventory of the existing work situation so as to design the GIS facility in a way that will satisfy the various user requirements and to anticipate how future data handling needs are likely to develop in order to assess not only the current requirements but also the future growth needs of the organisation (e.g. the number of jobs per year, the size and geographical extent of the database, the accuracy and quality of the output and the staff strength required.

Selection of appropriate computer hardware and software necessary for the GIS establishment that can satisfy the expected requirement in accordance with the funding available, taking into consideration the components that are absolutely essential to start with and those that can be acquired over a phased period, and identification of suppliers for the equipment.

Preparation of a document detailing the GIS facility requirements in such a way that the suppliers can effectively respond with serious proposals that are closely marched with the GIS establishment and use.

Staff training for proper integration of the GIS with the whole of the operational process of the organisation through detailed job evaluation and training needs assessment, so as to ensure effective use of the facility, using specifically tailored in-house training courses and workshops.

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